When you have periodontal disease, the tissue and bones in your mouth can be destroyed. Pocket reduction surgery is specifically for people who have experienced this. Your bone and gum tissue are supposed to fit snugly around your teeth. If you are like many out there whose gum tissue has become loose and fallen away, pocket reduction surgery could be the answer for you.

Your dentist will recommend pocket reduction surgery if your pockets are too deep to clean during your regular daily oral care routine and professional cleaning. You do not want to leave any spots of your mouth unclean because bacteria will get inside and cause further problems.

While receiving this procedure, we will fold back your gum tissue and remove the disease-causing bacteria prior to securing your tissue. This surgery is important so that you can maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Simply eliminating bacteria alone is not sufficient to prevent periodontal disease permanently. Reducing your pockets as well as a maintaining a daily oral routine will help your chances of having healthy gums and teeth.

Our qualified staff is here to assist you in pocket reduction surgery. We will help you feel comfortable during the entire process and answer any questions you may have. You will have your beautiful, glowing smile back in no time.